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Hi dirtbag sisters! I’m Sarah, and I help outdoor athletes achieve extreme fitness for mountaineering. As a coach, I’m super passionate about helping women of all ages and body types train for big peaks.

When I climbed my first glaciated peak (Mt. Rainier) in 2017, I was 41 and didn’t have the super-lean body that most people associate with mountaineering. A few people straight up told me that I wasn’t cut out for high-altitude. Fortunately, I’m a terrible listener, so I went on to graduate from mountaineering school and climb big peaks in Bolivia and Mexico.

As a coach, I focus on helping women build extreme aerobic endurance, sport-specific strength, and positive mindset. I also create specialized programs for mountaineers training away from the mountains.

When I’m not out climbing, I blog at missadventurepants.com, work on my thriller novel, cook mountains of zoodles, play the guitar badly, and post way too many Insta stories of my fur baby. #catmom


Hi there, I’m an architect-turned-full-time-dirtbag. I started my own freelance writing business aimed at giving women the skills and confidence they need to get outside. In essence, I’d rather be dirty than done up.

Confession – I wasn’t always the outdoor-rambling lady dirtbag I am today. It all started with a rappel. After abandoning a particularly brutal relationship, I decided she needed something radical to rattle her cage. I went out and rappelled off a cliff. In that moment of terror, I realized I had a choice. I could dedicate my life to chasing outdoor adventure or return to the urban lifestyle I was used to. I am living proof that you too can learn what it takes to get outdoors and be self-sufficient.

When I’m not outside, engaged in a full-frontal sufferfest, you can find me snuggled with my adventure pup, Nina, cooking Indian food or eating tacos with Sarah (it’s our thing).

I’m super friendly and always interested in hearing about the adventures of other badass lady dirtbags like yourself. Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

For more antics, visit my blog at www.foxintheforest.net

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